April 2017

Lady Tshawe for Scriptwriter, ‘Unified Women’ project, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Among the many talented young women who responded to the open call for female Zimbabwean scriptwriters in March, Nhimbe Trust Bulawayo and YoungVic Theatre UK have selected a rising star of Bulawayo – Ms Noma Damasane a.k.a. Lady Tshawe – as “The Unified Women Project Script Writer”. The Young Vic Theatre and Nhimbe Trust are […]

Arts Heavyweights weigh in

  There were several ‘heavyweights’ of the arts scene in Bulawayo among the 60 artists/practitioners who participated in a consultative roundtable discussion on Thursday 6 April.  The artists viewed the existing hall, offices, large garden area and classrooms at the premises at 98A Lobengula Street, formerly the Youth Contact Centre, and now to be transformed […]

In the background…Ian White & Penny Yon

The Bluez Café popup events in and around the City of Kings (and Queens) have been a welcome addition to the city’s cultural landscape, and the organisers are now going deeper to establish a performance platform and hub for arts, right in the heart of the city.  With the rise and fall of many venues […]

Bluez Cafe meets with Bulawayo Artists, 6 April 2017

BLUEZ CAFÉ is now in the process of transitioning from pop-up events around the city of Bulawayo, to the establishment of a vibrant cultural hub with facilities for information, workshops, events, mentoring, sharing and collaborating for the arts community, and an exciting live arts venue for Bulawayo audiences.   SIXTY artists/practitioners participated in a consultative […]