Nhimbe’s Exec Director invited to Rwanda meeting of cultural experts

Nhimbe’s Exec Director invited to Rwanda meeting of cultural experts

Kigali, Rwanda, 26 Nov–1 Dec 2017


Following the October election of Josh Nyapimbi to the steering Committee of the African Cultural Policy Network (ACPN) in, and his appointment as Convener of its working group on ‘Culture, the economy and creative/cultural industries’, the Nhimbe Trust executive director has now been invited to a meeting of experts towards the development of the Rwanda creative sector national action plan for arts and culture in Kigali this week.


The meeting in the central African country is organised by the Ishyo Arts Centre, and its objective is to support Rwanda’s human, social and economic development and in particular to enhance and support the potential role of the creative sector in the formulation and realization of the Rwanda’s Vision 2020-2050.


The main objectives of the project are to establish a diagnosis of the arts and culture sector in Rwanda, to engage arts and culture practitioners, stakeholders, institutions in charge of culture, decision makers, experts, and communities in a national reflection on the current state of the sector and its potentialities, in order to articulate concrete recommendations and take actions for the development of the arts and culture sector in Rwanda.


In 2016 Nhimbe Trust and Ishyo Arts Centre entered into a technical cooperation partnership in which the Nhimbe Trust’s executive director Josh Nyapimbi would be the lead consultant to share expertise and experience generated in the implementation of the Zimbabwe Creative Civil Society’s National Plan of Action for Arts & Culture (NPAAC); and the subsequent Creative Economy Outlook Zimbabwe (CEOZ). This is the third trip to be undertaken my Nyapimbi in fulfilment of the technical cooperation consultancy agreement.


The African Cultural Policy Network (ACPN) is an online network initiated by Mike van Graan (South Africa) and Aadel Essaadani (Morocco) in June 2017, and the Steering Committee was elected from 72 ACPN founding members from 23 African countries.  The African Cultural Policy Network will work with, and seek to complement other actors in the African creative space to provide an informed, proactive and bold African voice in the arena of cultural policy and advocacy.


Josh Nyapimbi was elected for his pioneering work with the Creative Economy Outlook Zimbabwe online Portal.  Bringing years of experience in the cultural field in Zimbabwe to the table, Josh Nyapimbi is honoured to now be invited to support the Rwandan creative sector and share the benefits of his experience for the implementation of this important initiative.

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