November 25, 2017

‘Blood Tongue – The Musical’ leaves for SA Festival

     (Blood Tongue, The Musical – photos by Mgcini Nyoni) The stirring theatre production ‘Blood Tongue, The Musical’ – an exciting collaboration between  Zimbabwean and South African artists, brewed in rehearsals since October at Bluez Café in Bulawayo, has been blazing a trail through Zimbabwe, and is now invited to a vibrant festival in […]

Nhimbe’s Exec Director invited to Rwanda meeting of cultural experts

Kigali, Rwanda, 26 Nov–1 Dec 2017   Following the October election of Josh Nyapimbi to the steering Committee of the African Cultural Policy Network (ACPN) in, and his appointment as Convener of its working group on ‘Culture, the economy and creative/cultural industries’, the Nhimbe Trust executive director has now been invited to a meeting of […]

Mlom Wakho Poetry Slam @ Bluez Cafe

On Saturday 25 November, MLOM WAKHO NAXIONAL POETRY SLAM comes to the Bluez Cafe in Bulawayo, from 3pm.   The Africa Cup Poetr Slam Chad 2018 Qualifier!   An explosion of poetry from some of Zimbabwe’s great poets.  cc$2 – or a sealed food item for charity!

‘Walk With Me’ by Mgcini Nyoni

BLUEZ CAFE were proud to host, on Friday 24 Nov,  ‘WALK WITH ME’ – a play by Mgcini Nyoni: A collage of women’s stories of love, stories of pain, stories of despair and stories of triumph.  Presented over one hour by three women, the production took the audience through a myriad of emotions and realisations.  […]